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KVNF Mountain Grown Public Radio tabs Andrés Segovia Archive: French Composers as one of their New Releases of the Week! New Releases For The Week Of June 2, 2014

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Guitar Virtuoso Roberto Moronn Pérez Releasing Tracks from French Composers via Andres Segovia Archive. “If there’s a current Spanish-guitarist for you to check out, Pérez is it especially with his latest upcoming release.” Ian Holubiak (Classicalite)

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“Roberto Moronn Pérez’s reverential and excellent interpretations show us the performing conviction that this music requires, and makes a very strong case why this music should be heard.” —Victor and Marina A. Ledin, Classical Producers New CD at Reference Recordings. Order Today! Andrés Segovia Archive French Composers Reference Recordings FR-709

New CD coming soon at Reference Recordings. Following his successful debut album of Spanish composers, Roberto Moronn Pérez performs selected works from the “Andrés Segovia Archive”, this time showcasing the French composers. The genesis for this unique project is a collection of pieces recovered in May 2001 at Segovia’s home in Spain. These pieces were   Read More …

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A new superb review from Tutti Magazine (France). They rate it 10/10! “Ce nouvel enregistrement de la série consacrée au grand Andrés Segovia nous présente des inédits interprétés de façon magistrale par le guitariste espagnol Roberto Moronn Pérez !” “L’articulation du programme est parfaite, alternant pièces aux tempi lents et rapides, et dominantes joyeuses ou   Read More …

A new review in Audiophile Audition magazine. “A fine performance and recording of guitar selections mostly not before recorded”. “Spanish-born Perez is an accomplished guitarist”. John Sunier (Audiophile Audition)    

A new review in The Absolute Sound magazine. “Pérez has a highly polished sound, and you can tell he`s spent a lot of time cultivating a rich variety of tone. It’s like listening to a great violinist – Michael Rabin, for example – who knows just when to change colors in a phrase, or more   Read More …