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“[Roberto Moronn Pérez]‘s guitar opens up each work and expands it seemingly beyond the limits of a single instrument. …if you are like me you will find each work entertaining, touching, or enlivening.” —John J. Puccio “As I said about Mr. Perez in an earlier review, he does justice to each composer. Perez plays with   Read More …

Nice mention for Roberto Moronn Pérez’s ¡Viva Segovia! release in this Gramophone review for OPPO Digital´s new DAC: “Switch to the more relaxed, intimate recording of solo guitar works played by Roberto Moronn Pérez on his ‘Viva Segovia!’ album, released recently on the Fresh! label from Reference Recordings, and the crisp, precise presentation gives an   Read More …

Lennox Berkeley Society Features ¡Viva Segovia! Many thanks to the Lennox Berkeley Society for featuring the new Roberto Moronn Pérez ¡Viva Segovia! recording on their website!

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Great to see Roberto Moronn Pérez’s ¡Viva Segovia! on Lisa Flynn’s WFMT New Release features! “Following two successful albums featuring Spanish and French composers, Roberto Moronn Pérez performs selected works form the Andrés Segovia Archive. The genesis for this unique project is a collection of pieces recovered in May 2001 at Segovia’s home in Spain. These   Read More …

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Lennox Berkeley’s “Quatre Pièces pour la guitare” from Roberto Moronn Pérez’s ¡Viva Segovia!  is now playing in the Spotify Classical New Release Picks playlist!

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Roberto Moronn Pérez’s ¡Viva Segovia! is a featured new release on Apple Music and iTunes!

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“Roberto Moronn Pérez’s reverential and excellent interpretations show us the performing conviction that this music requires, and makes a very strong case why this music should be heard.” —Victor and Marina A. Ledin, Classical Producers New CD at Reference Recordings. Order Today! Andrés Segovia Archive ¡Viva Segovia! Reference Recordings FR-723

A new review in UHF Magazine (Canada). “This is Roberto Perez’s second release for Reference Recording’s Fresh catalogue. The first, Andres Segovia Archive, Spanish Composers FR-705, was very well received, lauded for the artist’s impressive technique and exquisitely sensitive interpretations”. “Still quite young, Perez has established himself as a world-class classical guitar master”. “Roberto Perez   Read More …

A new review in Audiophile Audition web magazine. “Roberto Moronn Pérez is a wonderful guitar virtuoso”. “I’d recommend this French album, and its Spanish companion, to anyone interested in the full range of solo guitar sound who is looking beyond the well-known composers for the instrument.” Paul Kennedy (Audiophile Audition)

Entrevista en Gestiona Radio (España). Desde el minuto 16:23 hasta el 41:59.

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